What is PACE?

Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing tool which building owners and developers can use to upgrade the energy and resource performance of their buildings with no money down and with the financing repaid through their property's tax bill. PACE financing capital primarily comes from private investment sources who are seeking long term secure investments.

A World-Changing GREEN Initiative

PACE is a sustainability financing tool which originated in the USA in 2008 and in 2009 was named "one of the top 20 world changing ideas" by Scientific American. PACE popularity and growth has been exponential and since 2008 it has financed over 186,000 home and commercial retrofits to the tune of 4.83 billion dollars and created over 43,000 jobs; all without any taxpayer support (PACE Market Data).

PACE Alberta Co-op Ltd. is working to deliver a PACE program in Alberta and invites your support. Our goal is to facilitate the development of Residential and Commercial PACE programs which will be available to all Albertans. What follows is our vision of what PACE could be in Alberta based on PACE lessons, best practices, and successes.

PACE Alberta Helps Save Money

Save Money

PACE offers lowered energy costs and a long-term payback, making PACE-funded projects immediately cash flow positive.

PACE Alberta Creates Jobs

Create Jobs

In North America, every million in PACE project spending has resulted in at least 15 new jobs and $2.5 million in economic output.

PACE Alberta Reduces Your Footprint

Reduce Footprint

Building performance upgrades and renewable energy installs will reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions

PACE for Everyone

PACE Alberta for Homeowners


Upgrades to your home will increase comfort and value, lower utility bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

PACE Alberta for Commercial


PACE financing covers all up front upgrade costs and increases the value of your building.

PACE Alberta for Municipalities


Entire communities can opt in and have PACE delivered with no additional overhead.

PACE Alberta for Investors


PACE financing investments combine good security with healthy returns.

PACE Alberta for Contractors


PACE removes the financial upgrade barrier and facilitates payment.


PACE Benefits

  • Municipalities and building owners benefit from increased property values, marketability, and economic activity.
  • PACE upgrades can lower electric, gas and water utility bills, reduce resource use and consumption and result in more comfortable buildings with improved indoor air quality.
  • PACE can cover thousands of energy saving enhancements including solar panels and modules, insulation, roof shingles, high performance windows, high-efficiency furnaces, heat pumps, and geothermal exchange systems.
  • PACE financing for new buildings will incentivize developers to upgrade their designs; potentially economically developing new buildings that are net-zero and even net-positive or regenerative.

PACE Alberta Wind and Solar Energy

PACE Alberta's Vision

PACE Alberta is seeking to create a PACE program which is based on proven best practices. The proposed fundamentals of the PACE Alberta program are:

  • PACE is voluntary for all parties involved
  • PACE programs are opt in for municipalities
  • PACE financing covers 100% of a project’s hard and soft costs
  • Long financing terms (up to 35 years or longer based on expected life of upgrade)
  • PACE financing is repaid via a tax assessment which is filed with the local municipality as a tax lien on the property
  • In the event of a tax payment default or foreclosure, the outstanding PACE financing balance does not accelerate; only the outstanding annual tax assessments become due and payable
  • PACE can be used in conjunction with other incentive programs
  • The capital for PACE programs can come from either or both private and public sources
  • PACE financing can be used to pay for measures which
    • reduce energy and/or resource consumption
    • generate renewable energy
    • reduce waste through installation of long life durable finishes and systems
  • PACE financing is available to all qualifying buildings and applications and include:
    • single detached residential
    • multi-family residential
    • commercial buildings
    • institutional buildings
    • agricultural buildings
  • PACE financing is available to both retrofit existing buildings and upgrade new construction projects
  • PACE financing is available to building owners to refinance existing PACE qualifying measures
  • PACE financed projects are permanently affixed to a property

PACE Alberta is proposing that the PACE program delivery agency (PACE Administrator) be:

  • Structured as a not-for-profit corporation;
  • Capable of partnering with any municipality which opts in;
  • Mandated to be independent, self financing and self perpetuating once the initial set up/start up costs are covered;
  • Responsible for administering both the commercial (C-PACE) and residential (R-PACE) programs.


Along with these companies, organizations and individuals, please show your support for the PACE Alberta Co-op initiative by clicking on the tab below. Note: All supporter registrations will be vetted before appearing on this website.

Help bring a successful PACE program to Alberta by showing your support!


  • Solar Ninjas Energy Solutions

    "We feel that a properly designed & managed PACE program would be a boon for the solar industry & Albertans. Let's do it right!"

  • ATCO

    "PACE has the potential to be a strong program in the energy & utility community as Alberta's vision for greener energy evolves. It's an exciting time."

  • MiEnergy

    "A great program to improve economics. We are looking forward to promoting PACE to our customers."

  • PERI

    "PERI strongly supports PACE as another tool in Alberta's energy efficiency toolbox. Let's get some provincial legislation to support it!"

  • Nexus

    "Energy efficiency is one of societies highest priorities. PACE will aid cogeneration in Alberta catch up to other parts of the world"

  • AEnergy

    "PACE is like Local Improvement Charge. Key differences: one property/not many, voluntary/not forced, clean energy/not whatever. Time for Alberta PACE!"

  • Solbird Energy

    "As renewable energy consultants in Alberta, SolBird sees great potential for PACE to grow the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry"

  • Simple Solar

    "PACE is win-win-win-win; for the Economy, the Environment, the Municipality and for its Workforce"

  • CaGBC AB

    "CaGBC members are excited to see PACE implemented in the region"

  • Kuby Renewable

    "PACE allows for an extremely easy point of entry for anyone wanting to install solar panels. We are proud to support this initiative."

  • ReThink Red Deer

    "We are excited to see PACE apply its energy initiatives to assist businesses and neighbourhoods throughout Alberta."

  • Simple Solar

    "PACE is win-win-win-win; for the Economy, the Environment, the Municipality and for its Workforce."

  • Pembina Institute

    "Innovative financing programs such as PACE can address barriers such as transfer of ownership when properties are sold"

  • MyHeat

    "PACE will help reduce a major barrier to energy efficiency upgrades."

  • Empower Energy

    "PACE is an excellent solution to empowering those who cannot afford long term investments, but who need it the most."

  • Greenhalls Sustainable Services

    "Finally an energy financing program that is sustainable!"

  • ReNu Building Science

    "PACE will offer a new way for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to be financed, allowing for higher market uptake"

  • Sun Mine Energy

    "PACE is a simple and effective way to finance renewable energy for all home owners in Alberta"

  • EcoSynergy

    "Great conversation starter to bring energy conservation measures to existing buildings across Alberta!"

  • CanSIA

    "Our members will significantly benefit from PACE Alberta"

  • SolarOptix

    "Our residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients will all benefit from being able to access PACE financing"

  • Solar Energy Society of Alberta

    "PACE is "energizing" the American solar sector and will do the same in Alberta if properly implemented"

  • SkyFire Energy

    "Blows away the financial barriers to solar. Game changer"

  • EcoAmmo

    "Awesome initiative. Cannot wait to inform our clients when it will be available."

  • Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance

    "PACE is a successful energy performance financing program which we are pleased to support"

  • Threshold Renewable Energies

    "With a program like PACE in place, Alberta could easily become the leader in Green House Gas reduction efforts."

  • Communitas Group

    "Far better than "Green Loans", PACE financing will permit every new housing co-op to be optimized for Passive House performance or better!"

  • Epoch Electric & Renewable Systems

    "PACE financing is the best thing since the sun!"

  • IronCor Solar

    "Looking forward to PACE financing being available to our clients in Calgary"

  • Howell-Mayhew Engineering

    "PACE is key to the rapid growth of solar PV and energy efficiency in buildings by giving owners access to long-term low-risk transferable financing"


  • dennis Watson
  • Karl Andriuk
    Threshold Renewable Energies
  • Koen van der Maaten
    Thermal Creek Ltd.
  • Caleb Schmidt
    Sunfind Solar Products
  • Ken Donaghy
    Sun Mine Energy Ltd
  • Matthew Simard
    SolBird Energy
  • Mike Thomas
    SolarNinjas Energy Solutions Ltd
  • Dale Rowe
    Solar Super Store Inc.
  • Bryce Allred
    Solar Optix Energy Services
  • David Vonesch
    SkyFire Energy
  • Ryan Yamniuk
  • Tod Petersen
    Simple Solar Ltd.
    Managing Partner
  • Sherwood Botsford
    Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm
  • Jacob Komar
    Revolve Engineering Inc.
  • Rene Michalak
    ReThink Red Deer
    Project Lead
  • Graham Lettner
    Resident in Black Diamond
  • Stuart Fix
    ReNu Building Science
  • Simon Knight
    PURE EnerTech Research Inc
  • Calvin Yzerman
    Powur PBC
    solar advisor
  • Michalak Michalak
    Phoenix Fire Consulting
  • Pembina Institute Pembina Institute
    Pembina Institute
  • James Darr
    Patribeck Construction & Renovations Inc.
  • Alex Polkovsky
    Managing Partner
  • Dan Cloutier
    Nexus Power Solutions Inc.
  • Rajan Rathnavalu
    Newo Global Energy
  • Anand Pye
    NAIOP Edmonton
    Executive Director
  • Jeff Taylor
    MyHEAT Inc.
  • Kevin Bergeron
    President & CEO
  • Aaron Fairbrother
    Metis Nation of Alberta
  • Kelly Ruddy
    Landmark Group
  • Adam Yereniuk
    Kuby Renewable Energy
  • J.C. Evanson
    KCP Energy
    Business Development
  • Cor Koster
    Ironcor Solar Ltd
  • Mark Sawchyn
    ION Power Systems Inc.
  • David Morrow
    Hydraft Development Services Ltd.
  • Gordon Howell
    Howell Mayhew Engineering
  • Lisa Kanik
    Greenhalls Sustainable Services
  • Chris Vallee
    Epoch Electric
  • Greg Cole
  • Randolph Seibiold
    EnergyField Canada
  • Beverly Northeast
    Energy Conservation Committee
  • Kyle Gordon
    Elementium Energy Corporation
    Marketing Manager
  • Tyler Hanson
    Elementium Energy
  • Amelie Caron
  • Stephani Carter
    Founding Partner
  • Calvin Yzerman
    DDI-Heat Exchangers Inc
  • Foad Oloumi
    CorSolis Energy
  • Barend Dronkers
    Clean Energy Technology & Policy Consulting
  • Godo Stoyke
    Carbon Busters Inc.
  • Erin Seegmiller
    Canadian Solar Industries Association
    Comms Coordinator
  • Diana Bourke
    CabanaCan/CanB FreeD Marketing Inc
  • Shanthu Mano
  • Berwin Lewis
    Back To Earth Energy Inc.
  • Peter Poole
    Arctos & Bird Mgt. Ltd.
  • Grant Kelba
    Algae AquaCulture Technologies Canada
    Algae AquaCulture Te
  • Jim Goldmann
    Aenergy Capital
  • Tyler Hermanson
    4 Elements Integrated Design ltd.
  • Stephen Wilson
  • Adrian Mohammed
  • Andrey Mikhaylov
  • Carolina Quiroz
  • Danielle Durand
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